Agis XIV is a character in Isaac Asimov's science-fiction novel Forward the Foundation.


Agis XIV (born by a different, unknown name) was the Emperor of the Galactic Empire after Cleon I. He was one of the emperors that ruled in the life of Hari Seldon. Agis was described as a weak emperor with no actual power; he was controlled by the parliament. He met Hari Seldon once and refused to help in the psychohistory project. He was crowned because he was a distant relative to Cleon I, after the fall of the Military Junta. It has been said that he was crowned against his will and agreed because he was the only one that could inherit the crown from Cleon.

During his reign, he had little true power, being little more than one of the puppet emperors of the Commission of Public Safety. Agis said that they were more concerned with his safety than the public's, and that he did not truly have any Imperial power, as the Empire had become essentially a democracy since the fall of the Junta, To make any decision, he would have to put it before a Legislature of 7,500 men and women. Agis claimed that he could not even do as small a thing as fix the broken dome lights, and if he managed, it would take a few months.

He had adopted the name Agis upon succeeding to the throne, as to connect himself the with the Agises who had ruled two thousand years before, most of them quite ably, particularly Agis VI, who had ruled for 42 years and who had kept order in a prosperous Empire with a firm but non-tyrannical hand. He rather liked to be called the 'Citizen Emperor', and it was understood that only Imperial protocol and the outraged outcry of the Imperial Guard prevented him from exiting the dome and wandering the walkways of Trantor. He was short, with "an unattractive face and slightly bulging eyes that did not seem alight with intelligence".

He was led into exile by General Prothon in 12,060 GE.

Preceded by:

Military Junta


(12,048-12,060 GE)

Succeeded by:

Klayus I