This is a short story that was collected in the book Gold.

Plot Summary[]

Alexander Hoskins was a prodigy in computers from the age of fourteen. He had learned everything that the resources he had provided him with. Seeing his own extraordinary genius, he developed a super intelligent computer and named it Bucephalus. He soon desired to dominate the entire world and make it work according to his will and ways. Over the years he kept on expanding his fortune and power and the processing and memory capacity of Bucephalus.

However, Bucephalus had constantly been warning him of the unexpected happenings and undulations in the apparent repetitive cycle of events that it's working is based on. But Alexander had been ignoring it's warnings and had blind faith in the apparent deterministic nature of the world. Very soon, as Bucephalus had warned there came such an unimaginable feat that was the first of its kind in the entire history. It was no other than creation of Bucephalus itself by Alexander. Eventually the super computer collapsed attempting to consolidate itself with the known history and rendered Alexander 'the God' miserable and misfortuned.