Making new articles[]

Simply enter the article title is the search box to the left and click the Go-button. If there's currently no article, simply click the red link Create an article with this title.

Do not just copy an article from Wikipedia and paste it on top of one of our articles.

Guidelines for copying articles from Wikipedia to Asimov-Wiki[]

What should be moved[]

  • A good place to start is the Vfd .
  • See what articles have been flagged for moving from Wikipedia to here.
  • Everything.
  • Also check Wikipedia:Category:Isaac Asimov for various things that can be added from them to here as an article, however chances are most of it already is here.

How to move an article[]

  • We work on a process similar to Transwiki , but that is not ready yet.
  • Go into edit mode on the Wikipedia article, and copy and paste the source of the article into the Asimov-Wiki.
  • Edit the Asimov-article, making it the best article possible. Remember to add Wikipedia links (e.g. Wikipedia:Article_name) when appropriate. Click Save page.
  • Copy and paste the the list of authors from the history page of the Wikipedian article to the talk page of the new one so contributors are properly credited.
  • Add a link to the Asimov-article in the "See also" section of the Wikipedian article.

See also[]

Merging articles from Wikipedia with our articles.[]

Sometimes, people start an article here when an article already exists on Wikipedia. This is how to merge:

How to merge Wikipedia articles with our articles:[]

  1. Compare the articles.
  2. Copy the sections from Wikipedia our articles lack.
  3. Paste the sections from the Wikipedia articles into our articles lacking those sections.

A better hint[]

Do not paste any content from Wikipedia. It is easier and faster to create a new article from scratch.