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Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest authors of science fiction as well as a great non-fiction writer. Asimov Wiki documents all of Asimov's writings including the Foundation series, the Robot series, the Empire series, and more. See our List of Books by Isaac Asimov. We are currently working on 762 articles.

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This wiki contains a plethora of spoilers relating to the Robots, Galactic Empire, and Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. Read at your own risk.

Robot series
Foundation series

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Empire series
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See our List of Books by Isaac Asimov and List of short stories by Isaac Asimov.

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Asimov Wiki is an encyclopedia run and maintained by fans, for fans, and we're dedicated to building a comprehensive and informative resource about all things related to the works of Isaac Asimov and their adaptations.

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