BATTLE OF QUORISTON — Fought on 9, 17, 377 FE between the forces of the Foundation and those of Lord Stettin of Kalgan, it was the last battle of consequence during the Interregnum... ...

-Encyclopedia Galactica

The Battle of Quoriston is an event from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. It occurs in Part 2 of Second Foundation.


The Battle of Quoriston (September 17, 377 F.E.) was an armed conflict that took place during the Stettinian War between the forces of the First Foundation and those of Lord Stettin of Kalgan, First Citizen of the Union of Worlds. A decisive victory for the First Foundation, Quoriston was the last major battle to occur during the Stettinian War and the last battle of consequence during the Interregnum.

In the six months preceding the Battle of Quoriston, the forces of the Kalganian Navy had spread out from the Union of Worlds to cut off Terminus and the Four Kingdoms from the rest of the First Foundation.

Afterwards the Kalganians had regrouped, and the 300 ships of the main Kalganian battle fleet were driving into the Four Kingdoms when they were met at the Quoriston system by 125 ships of the Foundation Navy, led by Captain Dixyl of the Third Fleet. As the Kalganian ships came within range of the Foundation's fleet, a detachment of 50 ships led by Commander Cenn made a ten-parsec hyperspatial jump away from the Quoriston system. The remaining 75 Foundation ships maneuvered the Kalganian battle fleet into a specific area of space, then attacked. The Kalganian ships were fully engaged with Dixyl's ships when Cenn's detachment came out of hyperspace in the Kalganian rear and joined the attack. Facing an unexpected enemy in their rear, the Kalganian ships broke formation and attempted to retreat. Only sixty of the original 300 Kalganian ships survived to reach Kalgan, while the Foundation Navy's Third Fleet lost only eight ships.

Following the loss of most of his main battle fleet at Quoriston, First Citizen Stettin was forced to surrender to the First Foundation and release Homir Munn, keeping his office but having his navy dismantled, and having his possessions outside the home system itself made autonomous and allowed to vote for return to previous status, full independence or confederation within the Foundation, as they chose.

Both Jole Turbor and Preem Palver were present at the Battle of Quoriston, the former as a war correspondent embedded in the Third Fleet, and the latter in his role as a Trading Representative from an agricultural cooperative on Trantor.

The battle was not quite the end of the Stettinian War, although it was the essential conflict that caused a Foundation victory. Although the battle took place on the 17th September 377 FE, Homir Munn was only released by Stettin on the 1st January 378 FE, and it went on until March that year, only including "a few accidental skirmishes that could scarcely count" during the period. The war was formally ended on an asteroid in Terminus' stellar system, which was the site of the Foundation's oldest naval base. Lev Meirus signed for Kalgan.