A earth is room enough

Earth Is Room Enough: Science Fiction Tales of Our Own Planet is a collection of seventeen short science-fiction and fantasy stories and two pieces of comic verse published by Isaac Asimov in 1957.

In his autobiography In Joy Still Felt, Asimov wrote, "I was still thinking of the remarks of reviewers such as George O. Smith . . . concerning my penchant for wandering over the Galaxy. I therefore picked stories that took place on Earth and called the book Earth Is Room Enough." The collection includes one story from the Robot series and four stories that feature or mention the fictional computer Multivac.

The most substantial work in the collection is the opening novelette: "The Dead Past".


  1. The Dead Past 1956
  2. The Foundation of S.F. Success 1954 (poem)
  3. Franchise 1955 (a Multivac story)
  4. Gimmicks Three 1956
  5. Kid Stuff 1953
  6. The Watery Place 1956
  7. Living Space 1956
  8. The Message 1955
  9. Satisfaction Guaranteed 1951 (a Susan Calvin robot story)
  10. Hell-Fire 1956
  11. The Last Trump 1955
  12. The Fun They Had 1951
  13. Jokester 1956 (a Multivac story)
  14. The Immortal Bard 1953
  15. Someday 1956 (a Multivac story)
  16. The Author's Ordeal 1957 (poem)
  17. Dreaming Is a Private Thing 1955

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