Dr. Eugenia Insigna (*2188 on Rotor; also: Eugenia Insigna Fisher) is one of the main characters in the story Nemesis.

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She was born and raised on Rotor, a settlement in orbit around Earth. She studied astronomy and and did her graduate work on Earth were she met her husband Crile Fisher. Crile moved back to Rotor with her and was granted full citizenship after their marriage. In 2221 their daughter Marlene was born.

Professionally she was part of the Far Probe program. From the data collected by the far probe she discovered a red dwarf 4 light years from earth, obscured by a interstellar nebula. After reporting her discovery to the head of the Department of Exploration and Commerce, she became Chief Astronomer on Rotor. She named the star Nemesis.

After a decision was made in 2222 that Rotor would use the hyper-assited drive first used with the far probe to leave the solar system while keeping their goal a secret and build a new society around Nemesis, Crile leaves Eugenia and Marlene to stay on earth.

Nearing Nemesis she spots a Brown Dwarf they name Megas due to its massiveness of five Jupiters and its habitable satellite Erythro.

Since the discovery of Nemesis she has a feeling, that Nemesis' path could endanger Earth in the far future but doesn't follow up until her daughter Marlene picks up her fears and talks to Aurinel Pampas about the from her viewpoint inevitable destruction of Earth.