Known leaders of the Galactic Empire:

Dynasty Emperor Description
Kamble Frankenn I First Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Loris VI Emperor of the First Empire who developed the use of the Previous Inclosure strategy
Aburanis Emperor responsible for the laws known as "Law Codes of Aburanis" which included forbidding the denigration of public officers of the Empire
Stannell II Boy-Emperor who ordered that Emperor's insignia be raised in Earth's Council Chamber at Washenn. He was insane and was removed by assassination after two years of reign
Edard I He can't stop the unrest that had spread throughout the Empire
Stannell III Earth Rebellion
Kandar V Emperor who constructed a huge island on Alpha and arranged for the last inhabitants of Earth to be transported there
Agis Agis VI Emperor who ruled for 42 years and kept order in a prosperous Empire with a firm but non-tyrannical hand. He was also known for failing to control the news function of the Imperial Library
Entun Manowell Emperor known as Bloody Emperor Manowell
Entun Stanel VI Father of Cleon I[1]
Entun Cleon I Galactic Emperor, last of the Entuns. Ascended the throne in 12010 GE. Assassinated by one of his gardeners in 12038 GE[1]
Agis XIV Emperor who came to the throne after the fall of the Military Junta in 12058GE. Third cousin, on his mother's side, to Cleon I. Liked to be called the "Citizen Emperor" and befriended Hari Seldon although failed to use his meagre resources to assist the Psychohistory Project.
Chen family Klayus I Puppet emperor under the influence of Minister Linge Chen
Divart family Daluben IV Emperor during the time of the Seldon Trial on Trantor
Ammenetic the Great Mentioned in Foundation and Empire, where Cleon II reminds that his great-grandfather was merely a pirate, and he now lives "in the luxurious palace of Ammenetic the Great." There is no information to position Ammenetic on the list of Emperors. and to assign him to a dynasty, except for the obvious fact that he must have lived and ruled before Cleon II.
Stannell VII Ruler of the Normannic Sector. Last good ruler of the Provinces, under whom Siwenna almost achieved its ancient prosperity
Cleon II Commonly called 'The Great'. The last strong Emperor of the First Empire, he is important for the political and artistic renaissance that took place during his long reign. He is best known to romance, however, for his connection to Bel Riose, and to the common man, he is simply 'Riose's Emperor'. During his later years he suffered from a painful and undiagnosed ailment. About 200FE, Cleon directs interest in the Origin Question was "stale and unproductive speculation that tends to undermine the people's love of the Imperial throne."
Dagobert VIII Final ruler of the Galactic Empire. Fled Trantor during the Great Sack by the rebel Gilmer
Dagobert IX One of the last Emperors of the Galactic Empire. Fled The Great Sack with his father in 260FE. Gave permission for Ebling Mis to use the facilities of the University of Trantor. At least one more Emperor presumably succeeded him, since the dynasty was stated to have survived for a century after the Sack.


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