Gladia Delmarre, later known as Gladia Solaria, Gladia Gremionis, or, more commonly, simply Gladia, is a character from Isaac Asimov's Robot series.

She first appears in the book The Naked Sun, which is set on Solaria, a planet which has ten thousand robots for every human being and where most people cannot tolerate the personal presence of other people. When Gladia's husband is murdered, she is the chief suspect because he would not have allowed anyone else near him. After Elijah Baley solves the murder case, finding out (though not revealing) that she indeed was the killer though not responsible, Gladia moves to Aurora, as Dr. Han Fastolfe's protegé. This is apparently recommended by Baley who had noticed that Gladia has a desire for human company, which is completely out of place on Solaria.

In The Robots of Dawn, Elijah and Gladia meet again, this time on Aurora. They become lovers, and Gladia still has vivid memories of him 160 years after his death (as a Spacer, she has a lifespan of several centuries). Shortly after the events of the novel, she marries Santirix Gremionis; a highly successful, if a bit bland, marriage, which lasts just a few decades short of two centuries. Gladia and Santirix have two children, Darrel and another unnamed child.[1] In Robots and Empire she became the legal owner of R. Daneel Olivaw and R. Giskard Reventlov after Fastolfe's death. After that, she meets D.G. Baley, a seventh-generation descendant of Elijah, and the two fall in love. Gladia decides to travel through the Galaxy with him and work for peace between Spacers and Settlers.

In Foundation and Earth, one character tells a story to another concerning a Spacer woman who fell in love with a Settler captain, a possible reference to Gladia.