Golan Trevize is the protagonist in Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth.

This article, Golan Trevize, contains spoilers. Be forewarned, plot and/or ending details follow.
Asimov says you decide.

At the beginning of Foundation's Edge, he is presented as a Foundation councilman who holds the true but unpopular view that the Second foundation still exists. For this he is exiled along with Pelorat. Pelorat finds a woman called Bliss on the living and conscious planet Gaia. Trevize discovers in the first novel that he must decide the fate of the galaxy. He decides for a galaxy controlled by Gaia. He takes that decision due to his intuition and because he understands that Gaia's slow processes would allow him to change his decision, but the core reason is still unclear to him despite him being firm in his choice. In the sequel to Foundation's Edge, Foundation and Earth, the true reason he chose Gaia is revealed: Daneel manipulated events such that an intergalactic invasion by aliens is prevented through a galaxy united by Galaxia.

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