The Globalists were a faction on the relatively unknown planet of Helicon, arising approximately in the year 11,798 GE, who were convinced that Helicon was the only inhabited globe in the universe. Globalists insisted that all evidence to the effect that the Galactic Empire existed was either illusion or deliberate deceit, that Imperial emissaries and officials were Heliconians playing a part for some reason. As Hari Seldon put it, "they were absolutely immune to reason".

At their peak, the Globalists persuaded around 10% of the population of the planet to be part of the movement. While this was still a low percentage, they were a vehement minority that drowned out the indifferent majority and threatened to take over. However, Globalism eventually caused a diminishing of Imperial trade and the Heliconian economy slid into the doldrums. When the belief began to affect the pocketbooks of the population, it lost popularity rapidly. The rise and fall puzzled many at the time, but Hari Seldon thought that his science of psychohistory would have made it unnecessary to give it any thought.

By at least the year 12,038 GE, there were apparently still some Globalists on Helicon.