First the headquarters of all Galactic knowledge and later the headquarters of the elusive Second Foundation

The Imperial Library is in the Foundation Universe placed within the Robot, Empire, and Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

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The Imperial Library is placed on Trantor in the Imperial district. The Library, along with the Imperial Palace, is the only building uncovered by Trantor's many domes. The Library has a long history culminating with the history of the Second Foundation.

Golden-age of the Galactic Empire

During Cleon's reign the library was well funded and stocked with holobooks on all sorts of topics. The head librarian at the time (and the library council) assisted Hari Seldon (and his group of scholars) with the Psychohistory project.

Decline of the Empire

During the Military Junta the Library received nearly zero funds and they had to make severe cuts in services. The Chief Librarian was forced (by the Library Council) to have Hari Seldon and the group leave the library. Seldon had to convince several people to give funds to the group in order to stay at the library. No one would give funds so Hari Seldon had Wanda Seldon "convince" the librarians to allow the group to continue.