Jole Turbor is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.  He appears in Part 2 of Second Foundation.


Jole Turbor was a journalist who worked as a visicastor on Terminus in the mid-370s of the Foundation Era. He was known for publicly stating his belief that the Second Foundation represented a threat to the First Foundation, and for criticizing the First Foundation's growing tendency to rely on the Second Foundation to safeguard it from harm. After losing his job as a visicastor due to government pressure, he joined a conspiracy led by Dr. Toran Darell II aimed at locating and eliminating the Second Foundation. After the First Foundation was attacked by Kalgan, Turbor worked as a war correspondent, broadcasting from the ships of the Foundation Navy's Third Fleet. He was present when the Third Fleet took part in the decisive Battle of Quoriston on January 3, 377 F.E. After the war, he returned to Terminus, and was present when Dr. Darell first demonstrated his Mental Static device and exposed Pelleas Anthor as a member of the Second Foundation.