Lathan Devers was a trader of the First Foundation. He, along with Ducem Barr, were sent by the Foundation to defeat the energetic and capable general, Bel Riose, of the Empire. This was because Riose was planning to conquer the foundation and make the Empire great again. Riose captured Devers and held him as a prisoner. Devers managed to convince Riose that he hated the Foundation and wished for it's end, although Riose still held suspicions that Devers was planning to betray him. This was indeed the case when Riose found out that Devers planned to frame Riose for treason. This plan fails. However, it was not necessary to do anything at all. Socio-political forces cause Cleon II to recall Riose to Trantor for execution, since Riose was gaining too much power and popularity.

In Second Foundation, it is said Devers died a political prisoner in the slave mines of mayor Indbur I.

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