The World Legislature of Aurora, also called the Auroran World Legislature or just the Legislature of Aurora or Legislature, was the legislative body of the planet Aurora by the year 4724.

Han Fastofle was an important figure in the Legislature, and was even spoken of as a future Chairman for it.

Executive office[]

When the government of Aurora was first set up in 2065, it was intended that the executive office fulfil only ceremonial duties. He was to greet dignitaries from other worlds, open all meetings of the Legislature, preside over its deliberations, and vote only to break a tie. After the River Controversy, however, there was a general determination never to allow controversy to endanger Auroran society again. Therefore, by the year 4724, it had become customary to settle all disputes in a private and peaceale manner outside the Legislature. When the legislators finally vote, it was in an agreed-upon fashion, so that there was always a large majority on one side or another.