Linge Chen was a powerful figure in the Galactic Empire at the dawn of the Interregnum, and its de facto leader as Chief Commissioner of the Commission of Public Safety from 12060 GE until his death in 12069 GE.


Before Linge was born, the ancient and aristocratic Chen family had survived through thousands of years to produce his level of power by exercising caution and diplomacy, and by being useful to many Galactic Emperors. In Chen's youth in the Imperial Education Municipality of Runim, he learned various rituals following the Rules of the great Tua Chen, of whom he was supposedly a direct descendant, as part of the path to adulthood. Linge was the most successful of all the students to come out of the school, but had not done this by absolute obervance of these rituals. In 12037 GE, though, he was still limited to the rank of the First Grade Administrator of Second Octant Trade on Madder Loss.

Together with Lodovik Trema, Chen began his major direct service to the Empire in 12042 GE, and Trema and him founded the Commission of Public Safety that year. After the fall of the ten-year military junta six years later, Chen and his Commission rose to a level of great Imperial importance under the democratic era of Emperor Agis XIV, and after deposing and exiling Agis in 12060 GE, unable to tolerate the Imperial independence, Linge found himself Emperor in all but name.

Residing over the trial of Hari Seldon in 12067 GE, Chen and his Commission, unknowingly swayed by the embryo Second Foundation, chose to exile Seldon's Foundation to the planet Terminus but ordered Seldon to remain within Greater Trantor. Meanwhile, he managed to thwart factions within the inner Imperium attempting to overthrow him, spearheaded by Farad Sinter and the puppet emperor Klayus I, who was led into exile by the retired General Prothon on Chen's instructions.

In the aftermath of the trial, Chen managed to attain a meeting with the eternal robot Daneel Olivaw, who by now he had traced. In 12069 GE, in the days following Seldon's memorial, Linge ordered the Commissioners to locate Daneel once more after he was seen at the funeral, but never found any success, and himself died later that year.