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Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury is a science-fiction novel by Isaac Asimov.

Part of the Lucky Starr series, it was published by Doubleday in 1956 under Asimov's pseudonym, Paul French.


  • David Starr, known as Lucky Starr, cover name William Williams
  • John Bigman Jones, cover name John Jones
  • Scott Mindes
  • Dr. Hector Conway
  • Dr. Augustus Henree
  • Senator Swenson, Senator
  • Jonathan Erskine, special agent of Senator Swenson
  • Dr. Karl Gardoma, physician
  • Dr. Lance Peverale, Director of the Mercury Observatory
  • Dr. Hanley Cook, deputy of Dr. Peverale
  • RL-726


  • Shooting Starr


  • Mercury
Lucky Starr Series
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