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Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter is a science-fiction novel by Isaac Asimov.

Part of the Lucky Starr series, it was published by Doubleday in 1957 under Asimov's pseudonym, Paul French.


  • David Starr, known as Lucky Starr, cover name William Williams
  • John Bigman Jones
  • Kommodore Donahue
  • Dr. Hector Conway
  • Leutnant Augustus Nevsky
  • Red Summers
  • Armand
  • Harry Norrich
  • Mutt, Norrichs guide dog
  • James Panner, Chief Engineer
  • Major Brant
  • Major Levinson


  • Shooting Starr
  • Jovian Moon


  • Jupiter Nine, Adrastea, outer moon of Jupiter
  • Jupiter Five, Amalthea, inner moon of Jupiter
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