The Memes, also known as meme-minds or meme-entities, were an ancient alien race who despised humans and loved chaos. They were one of just two intelligent alien species humans discovered, the other being the Cepheids.


At some point in the past, they emerged on an unknown planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. In 4922 AD, after Earth became radioactive, robot ships operating under Auroran programming cruised the galaxy ahead of the spreading Settlers, terraforming and preparing planets for colonization. The Memes would later claim that this devastated existing races, and escaped to the Galactic Core.

In the year 12,029 Galactic Era, they met sims of Voltaire and Joan of Arc in the Trantorian Mesh, triggering a rebellion among "tiktok" robots who killed many of R. Daneel Olivaw's positronic companions. Mathematician Hari Seldon struck a deal to get the Memes off Trantor.


Memes appear only in two second Foundation trilogy books, which are not written by Asimov. He avoided intelligent alien life for his Foundation universe.