The Multivac series refers to the collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov that each incorporate Multivac as a key piece of the story. It includes, at least, the following stories:

Year Title Brief description
1955 Question Two technicians debate the question of Multivac's intelligence.
1955 Franchise Multivac uses its prediction skills in a new electronic democracy.
1956 The Dead Past A science team, attempting to bypass governmental bureaucracy, makes some unexpected discoveries.
1956 Someday Two boys attempt to increase a computer's vocabulary, with unexpected consequences.
1956 The Last Question On several Multivacs through the ages, man asks (in a variety of ways) how to revert entropy.
1956 Jokester Multivac discovers something funny while investigating humor.
1958 All the Troubles of the World Crime has fallen to an all-time low through the use of Multivac for crime prediction and prevention. Officials target a man with a low probability of committing murder, failing to realize Multivac referred to his son.
1959 Anniversary The survivors of the wreck of a spaceship near Vesta meet on the anniversary of the crash and consult Multivac about a treasure that was onboard.
1961 The Machine That Won the War Multivac was a decisive factor in the war against the Denebians, or was it?
1961 My Son, the Physicist When it takes eight hours for round-trip communication to a Pluto space mission, what's the best way to spread the news? Ask a woman.
1975 Key Item Multivac refuses to follow a command program because something is missing. Can the technicians discover the key item?
1975 The Life and Times of Multivac Multivac has saved what is left of post-apocalyptic humanity, but has it gone too far?
1975 Point of View When Multivac malfunctions, its technician needs to look at the problem from a different point of view.
1977 Think! New electroencephalographic research leads to an astounding discovery.
1977 True Love Multivac reveals a downside to computer dating.
1977 It Is Coming When an alien threatens Earth with destruction, Josephine and Multivac try to communicate with it.
1983 Potential Scientists discover a DNA pattern that indicates telepathy, but the boy who has it isn't what they expect.
1995 Hallucination Multivac selects Sam to serve on a planet where many report having hallucinations.