Jander Panell is Dr. Han Fastolfe's second successful humaniform robot.

He is the victim of a bizarre "roboticide": his positronic brain is permanently disabled. Because he looks like a human, Elijah insists on calling Jander's death a "roboticide" as if a person was killed rather than an object was broken.

Jander is in the possession of Gladia Delmarre/Solaria when his positronic brain is permanently disabled. Fastolfe proudly insists that he is the only person who has the knowledge and skill needed to do this, but resolutely denies having done so.

He considers it a fluke. Earth plainclothesman Elijah Baley examines the body, which shows no signs of decay as would a human, and notes that the genitals are perfectly represented. He surmises that Jander was Gladia's lover. She confesses that it was more: they considered one another husband and wife. Jander could not receive pleasure but was dedicated to giving it to Gladia, thus helping her overcome a wretched sex life. Jander's loss leaves her desolate.

In the end, it is determined that R. Giskard Reventlov, a normal-looking metallic robot that has the ability to read and influence human and robotic minds, disabled Jander to thwart Dr. Kelden Amadiro's plans to use humaniform robots exclusively to colonize other worlds.