The Robot series is the set of 37 short stories and 5 novels by science-fiction author Isaac Asimov about his positronic robot characters.

Short Stories[]

Year Title Brief description
1940 "Robbie"
1941 "Reason"
1941 "Liar!"
1942 "Runaround"
1942 "Robot AL-76 Goes Astray"
1942 "Victory Unintentional"
1944 "Catch That Rabbit"
1945 "Escape!"
1946 "Evidence"
1947 "Little Lost Robot"
1950 "The Evitable Conflict"
1951 "Satisfaction Guaranteed"
1953 "Sally"
1955 "Risk"
1956 "Someday" Two boys attempt to increase a computer's vocabulary, with unexpected consequences.
1956 "First Law"
1957 "Galley Slave"
1957 "Let's Get Together"
1958 "Lenny"
1969 "Feminine Intuition"
1972 "Mirror Image"
1973 "Light Verse"
1974 "Stranger in Paradise"
1974 "... That Thou Art Mindful of Him"
1975 "A Boy's Best Friend"
1975 "Point of View" When Multivac malfunctions, its technician needs to look at the problem from a different point of view.
1976 "The Bicentennial Man"
1976 "The Tercentenary Incident"
1977 "Think!" New electroencephalographic research leads to an astounding discovery.
1977 "True Love" Multivac reveals a downside to computer dating.
1986 "Robot Dreams (short story)"
1988 "Christmas Without Rodney"
1989 "Too Bad!"
1990 "Robot Visions (short story)"
1990 "Cal" A robot desires to become a writer.
1990 "Kid Brother"


Year Title Brief description
1950 I, Robot nine previously published short stories woven together with new material
1953 The Caves of Steel
1955 The Naked Sun
1983 The Robots of Dawn
1985 Robots and Empire