The Second Foundation was founded by Hari Seldon as a budding colony of mentalics, people with telepathic abilities. Located at Star's End, its purpose was to be hidden from the first Foundation and help insure success in the plan set out by Hari Seldon.

It was revealed at the end of the third book in the original Foundation Series that the Second Foundation was located on the planet Trantor, which in comparison to the First Foundation was the true opposite end of the Galaxy. They are governed by a council of the strongest telepaths, called the Speakers. The leader of the group is the First Speaker.

Known Members of the Second Foundation

  • Stettin Palver
  • Wanda Seldon
  • Bor Alurin
  • Bail Channis
  • Lady Callia Stettin
  • Preem Palver
  • Quindor Shandess
  • Stor Gendibal
  • Munn Li Compor
  • Delora Delarmi
  • Lestim Gianni


  • Forward the Foundation
  • Foundation and Chaos
  • Foundation's Triumph
  • Foundation (mentioned)
  • Foundation and Empire (mentioned)
  • Second Foundation
  • Foundation's Edge
  • Foundation and Earth (mentioned)