Sef Sermak is a character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

He is one of the opponent of Salvor Hardin during the second Crisis, in his case, the one inside the Foundation.


Sef Sermak is a leading founder of the Actionist Party of the Terminus City Council in opposition to Salvor Hardin. He believes in direct action instead of the appeasement methods Mayor Hardin uses. He thinks that the policy of help pursued for the last thirty years by the mayor has made Terminus vulnerable against the Four Kingdoms, but despite being backed up by many, he proves to not have a clear vision of the political weakness of Terminus, believing that their knowledge of atomic energy would allow them to conquer the Kingdoms, while in truth, whether this is real or not, should they succeed in doing so this would only lead the Galactic Empire to see them as a threat.

After the second Crisis, in which Salvor Hardin proved how the Foundation's control over the clergy can prevent the Four Kingdoms' attacks, Sermak attempts then to advocate for Terminus to conquer its enemies through this control, but this idea is fastly shut down when Hari Seldon's recording clears that to do so is impossible.

Sermak is not mentioned again, but the fact that his policies were proven wrong both by Hardin's victory against Anacreon and by Hari Seldon himself through his recording, Sermak's chance of taking control over the Foundation are slim.