The Stettinian War, or Kalganian War, referred to the conflicts stemming from the rise of Lord Stettin of Kalgan, First Citizen of the Union of Worlds. Stettin and his legions waged a violent campaign against the First Foundation and its wide territory.


When historians spoke of the beginning of the war, they generally agreed on the date of 22 January 377 FE, the date on which the Foundation cruiser known as the Hober Mallow met the Kalganian squadron headed by the Fearless, and upon refusing to allow a search party to board, was blasted into smoldering wreckage. This specific event was, in fact, of little importance, as Lord Stettin had essentially already begun his war on the Foundation worlds, even if this was the agreed date for its official beginning.

While the Kalganians seemed to be winning for a long portion of the war, having a greater military, larger territory and more resources, the interference of the Second Foundation under First Speaker Preem Palver and tactical trickery on the part of the Foundation commanders allowed the First Foundation to defeat Stettin following their decisive victory in the Battle of Quoriston on 17 September 377 FE, although the war officially ended on an asteroid in Terminus' stellar system in March 378 FE, which was the site of the Foundation's oldest naval base. Lev Meirus signed for Kalgan. The Union of Worlds was dissoluted and Lord Stettin lost the control over Kalgan.