I'm new to this. I originally read the Foundation Trilogy decades ago, and started a number of organizations based on it --- some of which still exist. I'd be interested in talking with other people familiar with the subject.

I am new to this format, and I have no idea what this means:

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As I recall, there is, somewhere about 1960's or 1970's Scientific American magazines, an article about a national system modeling of the United States Economy, using Matricies, Weight Factors, and valuations of the capital, cash flow, population involvement, and dynamics, associated with each matrix element. I cannot recall the year, and have not the reference available. 08:33, February 9, 2012 (UTC)


It was a form of matrix based Combinatorial Economics, where the nodes of the economy were all characterized this way, and the matrix allowed the automated analysis for projection, or predictions of future economic behavior. I think they quoted it as having about 50,000 nodes to represent the various aspects of the american economy, from resource collection, transformations of resources, to consuming of resources, with matrix inputs, interchanges, and matrix outputs, where most nodes were empty or NULL effect, and a sparse skeleton of measurable interactions filled the smaller scattering of the matrix's analysis. 08:33, February 9, 2012 (UTC)


It was alot like this Hari Seldon character's PsychoHistory Concept.

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