I'm not sure if it is appropriate here but should it be mentioned that it seems somewhat inconsistent that the Mule could come from Gaia? I know that Asimov himself had Gaia (via Bliss) state that the Mule was a Gaian but nonetheless the Mule as a Gaian seems to fundamentally undermine both the Mule (the unpredictable mutant, the fly in the ointment of the Seldon Plan) and Gaia (how could benevolent Gaia create the Mule, allow him to leave and then let him run amok when he was clearly their responsibility?).

Also why is the Mule convinced the source of the 'mentalic tampering' he detects amongst his minions must be the actions of the hypothetical/mythical Second Foundation and their hypothetical mental powers when, as a Gaian, he would know of a group/entity that definitely existed and definitely had mentalic powers?

In the original books the Mule is an abused victim who, upon discovering he has the ability to control others, turns his rage and fear against the galaxy. How could a Gaian be victimised by non-Gaians? How could a Gaian victimise another Gaian? 14:22, June 27, 2013 (UTC)Monkey

Possible origin inconsistency

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