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The Currents of Space is a 1952 science-fiction novel by author Isaac Asimov. It is the second book in Asimov's Empire Series. The action takes place during the time when Trantor was building a confederation of planets that would ultimately grow into the Galactic Empire.

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The story takes place in the backdrop of Trantor's rise from a large regional empire to a single Galactic Empire unifying the millions of worlds in the galaxy. This story occurs around the year 11000, where the Trantorian empire encompasses roughly half the galaxy. The independent planet Sark exploits the planet Florina, and derives its great wealth from the Kyrt (a versatile fabric) that can only be grown on there. The relationship between Sark and Florina is analogous to the situation between the Colonial powers and their colonies in mid 20th century, where the Florinians are forced to work in kyrt fields, and are treated as an inferior race from the Sarkites. Attempts to break the Sark monopoly and grow kyrt on other worlds have thus far been unsuccessful. The main topic of the novel is the possible destruction of Florina, predicted by Rik, a spatio analyst, who has had his mind manipulated resulting in amnesia. The story begins when Rik starts remembering the past which produces a crisis in the political relationship between Sark, Florina and Trantor.

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