Toran Darell is a character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

About Toran[]

He is the son of Fran, the nephew of Randu, and the husband of Bayta Darell.

On his spying activity for the traders disguised as a honeymoon with Bayta on Kalgan, he helped the Clown, Magnifico Giganticus, from capture by Kalgan Police. He took the Clown to his ship and later met Captain Han Pritcher. They went to Terminus and were imprisoned on arrival.

After the fall of Terminus, he, along with Bayta and The Clown, fled to Haven, a trader planet. On the behest of Randu to find about the Second Foundation, they along with Ebling Mis, left for Trantor.

They were imprisoned in Neotrantor by the prince, Dagobert X, but were rescued by Clown playing the Visi-Sonar and killing the prince.

Later, Bayta figured out the identity of The Mule, which is the The Clown who was traveling with them, and revealed why Toran protected The Mule on Kalgan. as he was being emotionally manipulated.