Toran Darell II is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. He appears in Part 2 of Second Foundation.


Toran Darell II was the son of Toran Darell and Bayta Darell, and the father of Arkady Darell. He was born in 334 F.E. on Trantor during his parents' exile from the First Foundation. Following his marriage in 360 F.E., Darell and his wife traveled to Trantor to search the records of the Imperial Library for information on the Second Foundation. His daughter Arkady was born there in 362 F.E. After the death of his wife in 365 F.E., Darell and his daughter traveled to Santanni.

At the University of Santanni, Darell studied electroneurology, the science of the electrical patterns of the human brain. Together with his colleague Dr. Kleise, Darell developed a technique for using brain wave patterns to detect mental tampering by members of the Second Foundation. However, in 370 F.E. Darell decided that Kleise's research was too vulnerable to interference by the Second Foundation. Leaving Santanni, he and his daughter moved to Terminus, settling down at 55 Channel Drive in Stanmark, a suburb of Terminus City. There, Darell set up his own laboratory and began his own secret research project aimed at creating a defense against the mental powers of the Second Foundation.

In 376 F.E., following the arrival of Kleise's student Pelleas Anthor, Darell joined in a conspiracy with Anthor, visicastor Jole Turbor, librarian Homir Munn, and physicist Dr. Elvett Semic, to locate and neutralize the Second Foundation. Following his appointment as Administrator of Research and Development during the Stettinian War, Darell, together with Semic, was able to create a Mental Static device that would disable a member of the Second Foundation. Using this Mental Static device, Darell was able to unmask the members of the Second Foundation and eliminate their influence in the Galaxy. Or so he thought.