Prince Wienis of Anacreon was a younger son of the first Anacreonian monarch, the viceroy of the outermost province of the Galactic Empire until he engineered his region's secession. Wienis may have been involved in the death of his older brother, the Crown Prince, whose son Lepold I succeeded instead after the old king's death. Though distrustful of Wienis, now the heir apparent to the throne, Lepold allowed his uncle and regent to exercise most royal powers and gave him control over foreign affairs. Both High Priest Poly Verisof and Mayor Salvor Hardin have speculated that Wienis has designs on the throne and is planning to kill his nephew as well.

Wienis, considered by his rivals among the Foundation's leadership to be a fool who considered himself quite intelligent, launched a war against the Foundation, headquartered on Terminus. Giving command of the invasion fleet to his son Lefkin, Wienis announced his actions to the Anacreonian nobility at his nephew's coronation and arrested Salvor Hardin, the mayor of Terminus City and de facto ruler of the Foundation. However, members of the Anacreonian religious caste, who had been trained by the Foundation as priests of the religion of science, launched a popular uprising against Wienis. The invasion fleet itself, when made aware of the events, mutinied, and Lefkin was seized and forced to order Wienis's removal from power. Confronting Hardin, Wienis attempted to kill the mayor, but failed due to protective energy fields surrounding the Foundation leader and, now powerless and responsible for a severe personal and political defeat, committed suicide.