Wye District is a sector of Trantor near the South Pole.

Since some ninety percent of Trantor's waste heat was pumped to Wye, where it was used to met the surface ice, Wye had considerable political power and an unusual degree of autonomy from the Imperium. Wye exercised a good deal of political power, because it was the site where excess heat across the planet was released. If it shut down those systems, the heat would build up and destroy Trantor. During the time of Hari Seldon's flight (Prelude to Foundation), Wye was preparing an Army for a coup. This action was stopped by Eto Demerzel, and the military of Wye disbanded.

Ruled by hereditary Mayors, supposedly descendants of the Dacian dynasty who had ruled the Empire some 5,000 years previously. Wye maintain a neutrality towards the Empire, and an unusual degree of self-sufficiency.

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